Faith Friendship Villa

At Faith Friendship Villa, we reach out to those with mental illness and other disabilities who need a caring, supportive living arrangement. Our goal is to help them be successful and feel fulfilled.



Along with housing, meals, laundry and housekeeping, we provide a variety of services, including assistance with: hygiene, medication, financial management, medical appointments arrangement, transportation, medical insurance, Social Security issues, shopping, and problem solving.

Most importantly, we provide a listening ear in troubling situations as we strive to create an environment that conveys value and worth to our resident “family.”


As a State-licensed personal care home, Faith Friendship Villa is governed by regulations for resident rights and other government policies. As a Christian ministry, however, we are governed by an even higher standard of professional and financial integrity.

At Faith Friendship Villa, we consider everyone who lives with us to be a member of our family, needing the love, compassion, and daily prayers of our staff.

To the best of our ability, we strive to provide an atmosphere that will bring joy and fulfillment to their lives.



non-profit and rely on god and community

About 75% of the residents at Faith Friendship Villa have a primary mental health diagnosis, and nearly 85% are considered low income. We have the most low-income beds of any personal care home in Lancaster County.

All of our beds are available for low-income residents, and we are the county’s largest provider of personal care services for those with mental illness. Although most of our residents do pay some amount towards the services they receive, the amount they are able to pay is well below what is needed to operate and maintain Faith Friendship Villa at the level of quality and care our “family” deserves.

Faith Friendship Ministries does not receive federal subsidies, and has no contract for service with state or local agencies. We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and rely on the people of God to provide that which our residents cannot.