Frequently Asked Questions

Who Owns Faith Friendship Ministries?

The answer truly is "God." As a nonprofit organization, no individual or group of individuals can be an owner, or receive excessive personal gain. Our properties are titled to Faith Friendship Ministries, which is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors, and excess funds that we have at the end of the year belong to God, and are used in the ministry for His glory.


Does a person need to have a mental health diagnosis to be served by your ministry?

No. The desire of Faith Friendship Ministries is to primarily serve those disabled by mental health issues, but this is not a requirement for admission.  However, we feel that quality housing options for low-income individuals disabled by mental illness is severely lacking in society, and it is this population for whom the majority of our services are reserved.


If the residents pay towards their services, why do you need to seek donations?

Even for those residents who do pay towards their services, the amount they have to offer is very limited. For example, most of our personal care home residents only have around $36 per day to secure their personal care room, board, and services - and this figure is not fully adjusted annually for the cost of living. So this ministry, and your support of it, is essential in order for us to serve at a high level of quality.


What if a person does not have disability benefits, or other income/assets?

These situations are determined on a case-by-case basis. We would need to cautiously consider whether someone truly is in need of the care services we provide and is not simply looking for a low income place to live. It is definitely possible for someone to move into one of our homes and have rent payments deferred while we assist them in applying for Social Security benefits. We may, however, place some limits on how long we are willing to be in a “deferred rent” situation. Ultimately, if we believe strongly that God wants a certain person to join us, we will accept them, regardless of the financial situation.


You have mentioned that you serve those with mental illness. Doesn’t that frighten you?

On the contrary. Some of the safest, most trustworthy people we know are those within our home. Yes, there are situations where a person’s mental illness is so severe that they can be a danger to themselves or others. But in the vast majority of cases, receiving the proper medical treatment, along with being shown dignity and respect, enables those with mental illnesses to live fulfilling lives.


How do your neighbors feel about having Faith Friendship Ministries in the community?

We are blessed to have a wonderfully supportive community. We simply do not receive hostility or opposition. We believe that in addition to the tender hearts in our Mountville community, a major factor is the effort we put into carefully assessing residents to determine if they want to be a part of a family setting. We seek residents who want to be well and have positive relationships.


Do you have to be a Christian to be a resident?

No. A person is entitled to the private practice of any religion, or none at all, without harassment or hindrance. However, as part of choosing to live here, a person must recognize and accept first and foremost that we are a Christian ministry, with an overt Christian emphasis, and only Christianity is publically promoted. Prayer is said at meals, Bible studies and worship services are held and Christian artwork, music and Scriptures are prominent. We recognize that we may not be right for everyone, and it is our goal that each person finds a home that best suits their needs and preferences.


Is Faith Friendship Ministries affiliated with or sponsored by a particular denomination?

While the principal founders of Faith Friendship Ministries are active members of a local Evangelical congregation, we are not officially affiliated with that denomination or any other single group. It is our goal to be non-denominational in spirit. We rely upon and appreciate the support of all who care about our residents, especially among those who claim the name of Christ. We believe that when the Church comes together and truly acts like a body, each serving the needs of the other members, ministry occurs according to the will of God, bringing glory to His name.