January 2019 Donor List

A huge thank you to all of our donors



Adams, Derek

Adey, Al & Carol

Bicksler, Tina

Charles Snyder Funeral Home in Memory of Arlene Rohrer

Everence Association “My Neighbor”

Good, Joyce

Hart, Barry

Henry, Nancy

Husted, Tom

Kerstetter, Troy & Dorothea

Leaman, Miriam

Lengacher, Richard & Janet

Lynn, Tom & Fran

Manor Church

Martin, Warren & Norma

Meyers, Stu & Donna

Myers, Mary Jane

Network For Good

Oberholtzer, Jay & Dawn

Oregon Dairy

Pandelidis, Nick & Lisa

Reeder, Judith

Reformation Lutheran Church

Weker, Gus

Williams, Mike & Lorraine

In-Kind Gifts

Moveable Feast

Lookingbill, Garry & Mary


Gifts of Service

Adams, Diane

Hempfield UMC

Hess, John

Julian, Mike and Family

LAC Uth Group

Manor Church

No Longer Alone Ministries

Roberts, Kathryn & Sewing Circle Ladies

Turkey Hill Experience