April 2019 Donor List

A huge thank you to all of our donors




Adams, David and Diane

Adey, Alfred and Carol

Binderup, Daniel & Holly

Force, Donna Hutchison

Gall, William

Good, Joyce

Harnish, John & LaVon

Harnish, Paul

Hart, Barry

Henry, Nancy

Hoffman, Denise

Hosler, Nevin & Cordelia

Husted, Thomas

Hutchison, Donna

Keller, Don and Marilyn

Kerstetter, Troy & Dorothea

Lapp, Ben & Mary

Leaman, Miriam

Lengacher, Richard and Janet

Leo & Peggy Pierce Family Foundation

Lynn, Tom and Fran

Miller, Ann & Amber

Miller, James & Geebie

Moore, Carroll

Moore, Janice

Myers, Donna

Oberholtzer, Jay and Dawn

Paxton Ministiries

Pierce Foundation

Price, Mary Ann

Raver, Beth

Reba, Joe & Marie

Reeder, Judith

Ruggerio, Sam

Sneath, Doris

St. Philip Catholic Church

Stoltz, Marie

Williams, Mike & Lorraine

In Memory of Jane Smith

In Memory of J. Glenn Eberly

In Honor of Joanne Wile

In-Kind Gifts

Lookingbill, Garry & Mary

Manor Church Sewing Circle

Renyolds, Pat

Rohrer, Elaine

Staats, Karen

Gifts of Service

Mike Julian and Family

LAC Uth Group

Manor Church

Kathryn Roberts & Sewing Circle Ladies

Janet Wiegand & Donna Tallarico

Patti Rhoades

Ryan Bauman