Nehemiah Home Program

As we have advocated for greater access to housing for those with serious mental illness, we have been disappointed by agendas which imply that the only measure of “success” is the degree to which someone is able to live independently “on their own.” We believe that greater respect must be given to the choice of those who feel they are most successful living in community with others.

Yet we also recognize that many who experience serious mental illness do not want – or truly need – the level of services provided by Faith Friendship Villa. Individuals such as these recognize that while they are reasonably capable of managing their affairs, “it is not good for man to be alone.” They also realize the value of having a network of caring people who will be involved in their lives, helping them to be successful.

Which is why we have started “The Nehemiah Home Program”


Behind the name

The book of Nehemiah details the return of the exiled Israelites to a war devastated Jerusalem, and their common purpose to not only rebuild their broken city walls, but restore a people’s identity.

Under Nehemiah’s supervision, the people worked interdependently to overcome adversity, and rebuild a community.

Nehemiah Homes- Working together Photo.jpg

working together

In a Faith Friendship Ministries “Nehemiah Home,” two or more individuals who share common mental health issues, and common life goals, share a residence in the community.

Like the people of Nehemiah’s day, they do not face the challenges alone, but work interdependently, as they maintain the affairs of their household, assisting each other as they manage their illnesses.

While they would not receive personal care services from Faith Friendship Ministries, we would maintain a presence in their lives to support and encourage their success.

Nehemiah Homes- Growing Each Year Photo.jpg

Growing each year!

Our first venture into this type of home occurred in September 2008, with the transition of two former Faith Friendship Villa residents into an apartment that is on our property.

A second apartment was later converted for Nehemiah Home Program use.

In May of 2012, a three bedroom house in Mountville was purchased, bringing our total Nehemiah Home Program capacity to nine individuals.